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As part of our mission to close knowledge gaps, AFRAC-INSTITUTE invests in generating evidence through research activities.

The ultimate goal is to make this evidence available to communities, actors and decision-makers, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions on investments to be made, high impact interventions to be prioritized and to measure the impact of programs and projects.

We identify partners and research subjects within our communities and carry out research projects using a community-based and participatory approach.

We capitalize on our collaboration with partner academic institutions to conduct research projects that are credible and whose results can be used in decision-making and program development.

Finally, we respect ethical principles and comply with the rigor of ethics committees of host countries and partner universities while conducting our research.

Some of our current research topics are:

1. Barriers to the use of contraceptive services for adolescent girls in Kinshasa

2. Access to safe abortion services in Kinshasa: the obstacle course of clients

3. Parents' opinions and perceptions on contraception for adolescents

4. Analysis of obstacles to access RH services for LGBTQIA people

5. Perceptions of religious leaders on adolescents' access to FP services.

6. Experiences of sex workers accessing RH services.

7. Are school teachers ready for teaching full sex education in schools?

8. Offering family planning services in faith-based health facilities: barriers and opportunities

9. Access to contraceptive services in Ndjamena: the obstacle course of adolescent girls

10. Analysis of the quality of banking services: Case of the Pan-African Bank Ecobank

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