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In addition to our roles in research and teaching, AFRAC-INSTITUTE works with communities and partners to identify solutions to problems in the areas of HEALTH, EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND HUMANITARIAN EMERGENCIES

Our programming covers the humanitarian-to-development continuum and our work approach spans the entire life cycle. Although targeting all strata of the community, our priority targets remain the most disadvantaged strata such as women, girls, adolescents, and young people, people with disabilities, displaced persons/refugees and other key populations.

Presently, the ACTION component of AFRAC-INSTITUTE revolves around the following programs:


1.1. Project for the acquisition of medical equipment.

AFRAC is a partner of two large companies supplying medical equipment and facilitates acquisition for individuals, organizations, institutions, and governments through donations. We organize trips to the USA so that our customers can visit to see the existing equipment and get an idea of ​​the capacities of our partners.

For all medical and non-medical equipment needs, please send us an email at

1.2. Sexual and reproductive health clinics project.

Through our reproductive health clinics, we offer population RH services such as:

  • Family planning and contraception

  • Care of post-abortion complications

  • Management of sexually transmitted infections

  • Prenuptial examinations

  • Tips for voluntary testing

  • Antiretroviral therapy

  • Care for rape survivors

  • Reproductive health services for adolescents and young people

  • Various training



This is designed for students from American universities who are interested in internships with our partners in Africa. The internship areas include health, public health, education, agriculture and management of civil society organizations.

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