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AFRICAN RESEARCH AND ACTION INSTITUTE (AFRAC-INSTITUTE) is an African institution that is specialized in research and education on health, environmental protection and climate change issues.

Our goal is to close the existing knowledge gap through research, action and engagement of local expertise that is respectful of values ​​of African solidarity and inclusion with the recognition of communities as custodians of their own future.

We are convinced that development and social transformation planned from outside and implemented without the full leadership of local communities cannot have a lasting impact.

We seek to promote a culture of decision-making based on evidence and not on the opinions of individuals. At the heart of our working approach is the empowerment of individuals through education, transformation of power dynamics in favor of vulnerable and marginalized groups, particularly women, adolescents and key populations, and the establishment of strategic partnerships.



Our vision is of a world of justice and equal opportunities for all, where the rights of the most vulnerable are protected.


Our mission is to make individuals and communities masters of their own destiny through awareness, empowerment, appropriation, self-determination and the fight against social inequalities.

To do this, we conduct research to generate evidence that supports community decisions, we provide opportunities for education to strengthen the capacities of individuals and we implement programs that transform people’s daily life and future.


Four fundamental values ​​underpin AFRAC's vision and mission, and they are:

Excellence: We strive for the highest level of impact and quality in everything we do and in relationships with our partners.

Inclusion: We ensure that every voice and opinion is heard, discussed and taken into account irrespective of gender, religion, race, socio-economic status and political affiliation.


Autonomy: We aim for independence of thought and empowerment of individuals and communities to take charge of their future.


Diversity: We fight against unilateralism of ideas and encourage heterogeneity in the opinions and contributions of individuals.

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